One day I decided to play Minecraft in 1.8. Nothing was wrong. The main title was fine (at least) and I went on singleplayer. Once I did, there was a world called, "Your New House". I went into the world and it looked kinda weird. My FOV was set to 30 making it look like I was zooming in with the zoom mod. The world was also locked on hard and the world was a superflat world that had only 1 layer. If I broke the ground I would fall into the void, but how do I know you ask, well, I did it. I broke the ground and I fell into the crappy dark void. The world was also not set to LAN and so I did. I set the world to LAN with cheats on. After I did, I saw a house straight across from me. I then logged out of the world and logged back in and the world wasn't opened to LAN anymore and so I set it back to LAN. I then decided to look inside the house. When I did, the house had torches all over the walls and floor. The floor also had a Steve head inside it and a item frame of a item frame on the wall. Luckily I was recording and I will post it on YouTube. The video will be called, "Minecraft Creepypasta – Your New House". (anyways back to the story) The house also had a nether portal on top of it. I went inside the nether portal and went to the nether. Upon entering the nether there was a sign facing it's back to the portal. I looked in front of the sign and it read, "this isn't the nether you usually go to!". I looked up ahead and saw a stone block placed down on the netherack. I went back inside the portal and once I entered the overworld I broke the nether portal and logged out of the world and never went back in it.