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    April 2, 2015 by Near is god

    Haven't you heard?  There's been a MASSIVE update of Wikia today!



    1: Added Pop-up videos

    2: Removed ability to add videos to articles to reduce free advertisng

    3: Only sponsor is now Blockbuster


    1: Removed kicking feature to give spammers a chance to Google a good excuse

    2: Chat mods now chat in Wingdings

    3: Anonymous users can now use chat

    4: Rollbacks can now rollback unwanted chat messages

    5: Admins, Chat Mods,and Rollbacks can now hack into private chat

    6: Blocked users can only chat if they swear on the River Styx they'll behave

    7: Chat is now called Small Talk

    8: Up to 5 chats can be open at once

    9: Links on chat automatically redirect to

    10: Removed chat


    1: Creepypastas without evidence will be m…

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