He's back.


FemaleMom9 warned me if someone ever tried to recreate the hospital. She said if someone did, it must be deleted. The entire gang met up at my house and we made clear that we will never recreate the hospital. We sworn on our friendship and continued making other builds and tried to ignore the Hospital incident. Usually, we have this Realms server up and we go there to work on builds. But, when I went to the Realms tab....our server was gone. Replaced by another server. A server called "I'm back". Stupidly, I clicked it. I thought it would be Mr.Machine, who had left the gang ever since the first incident. I thought he was trying to come back and invite everyone to his own little server. Of course, I was too excited to see my friend that I forgot to notify the gang. When I entered I looked at the player list. Nobody was in the game. And in front of me was a replica of the hospital. A sign in front of me said, "You can't delete the deleter." I didn't want to go inside. I knew he'd be waiting inside. But, I went inside. I wanted to go face to face to Doc.

Doc Tries to Delete Me Edit

As I passed the iron doors, I entered a hallway. Doors were lined up along the hall, leading to small rooms. Who had built this for Doctor Havoc? A traitor did. I saw FemaleMom9 standing in the hall. She said in chat, "I had to build a safe haven for our enemy, Nanu. Or else we will be deleted. He only wants to delete you. He wants revenge for attempting to delete him. Now, he will attempt to delete YOU." Behind her was Doctor Havoc. He had no name hovering over his head. He wasn't a player, but surely he wasn't AI. Or was he meant to be added into the game? FemaleMom9 left the game and I was standing in front of Doctor Havoc. He had this smile with blood leaking down from it on his skin. His eyes were blood red and he had a blood stained doctor's jacket on. He then sprinted toward me and my game froze when his face was pressed on the screen. I stared in horror at his face for a few seconds, then the face disappeared. My game crashed. I went back into the game and went into Realms tab to check if the server was still there. It was there, but the title changed to "How dare you. You still live..." Then, static appeared on my game. And my screen went black. Then red letters appeared on my screen. They spelled out these words: 

"FOR NOW..." Edit