My friends and I just finished making our haunted hospital. It was HUGE. It took us weeks to make it since the hospital was as big as a biome! I had 5 friends. There was the only girl decoarater in our group, "FemaleMom9" The best builder in the group was "BigDaddyBlaster" The redstone guy was "Mr.Machine" Our boss "MegaMug" and me, "nanubot" I was the person that checks out if anything is wrong. Yeah, lame job I know. But that "lame" job got me in a heap of trouble.

I was checking out Dr.Havoc's Office. Dr. Havoc was supposed to be a doctor that stalks patients wherever they go, and when they sleep he will throw a DEADLY potion of poison at you when you sleep. My friends left me alone in the server. So I was inspecting at night. And FemaleMom9 put traps all around the hospital that spawns monsters, invisible pressure plates that trigger hidden dispensers LOADED with fire balls. And a weird Jukebox that plays loud and scary music. I was real careful not to step on anywhere suspicious, until I hear a evil high pitched laugh. I thought I stepped on a pressure plate that powers a Jukebox and made the laugh so I kept walking around the office. Until I saw a doctor with blood on his face and a potion in his hand! I automaticlly fell asleep on the floor and when I woke up I saw that everything went black. And I heard the same laugh....over...and over......and over.....until my computer died. So I texted one of my friends, and I said that there was Doctor Havoc in the server and they started to make fun of me. They wanted to prove me wrong and went on the server. Then, I never saw them again. I deleted the server, hoping to delete Doctor Havoc with the server, but I was wrong. When I logged on to Minecraft the home text said, "Say, "AHHH!!!"