if you havent read first story go and read it

this is last creation of normal greenfreddy 1,after this i will become the SWEG master

the story:

ever since shadow of unknown started to haunt server lucky games people and admins got paranoid.admins refused to go server called:lucky games since he would kill them and make him close to his wish:to take over minecraft

one day i visited the server called lucky games and saw him sitting on the throne.he said

*want something*

i said

*how to troll admins without them finding out*

suddenly red and black colors flashed and i loaded into DOS .then i saw shadow of unknown on screen and then words appeared

*kill a popular youtuber if you see him in server and i will tell you*

suddenly lights went off in my room and shadow of unknown appeared.quietly saying

*you have 2 hours to do what i said to you or i will take your head as trophy*

i saw skydoesminecraft and killed him in server in time.i was happy but then i instantly got back to lucky game where i saw him again.he dropped a book titled:trolling help

it was a 2 page book but it was too gory

he said again something but this time i heard a quiet voice instead of chat message saying

*come back tommorow.if you dont an admin is choose if you want to save someone or not*

soon i got tempoary ban with word

*wait the next day*

i forgot about it and as soon i opened internet it said in big, red,strached letters:your actions got some admin dead.if you dont come tomorrow in lucky game another random admin is dead and i can take over have 24 hours to save minecraft