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shadow of unknown was a mincrafter who liked to do piracy but he was always a noob in servers

one day he was on server called:lucky games. he was thinking how he would not be noob anymore but then someone killed him.when he respawned he was banned for failing

he was so sad that he commit suicide. it happened on october 30

he had only 4 videos that were his playing on server but they were all his failed attempts

next day a video came on his channel and it was so gory and shocking

it was a 30 seconds long recording in the dark.the quality was average. on 17th second of video a lightning flashed and you can see a shadow of unknown for 9 seconds.then it becomes dark again and you can hear slicing with a high pitch scream of blaze.then video ends

a day after that video the same admin was killed by shadowy figure.when admin was on his server at 9 pm windows opened with a figure holding a sword. he closed the window but shadow teleported.than he said:ITS ME. the one you banned for being a noob. now suffer the death.that is how admin died

he said:i must kill 3 admins to rule minecraft. i killed 1 admins and 2 to make my dream true.admins,dont go to server lucky games or you are dead,normal players. i will not kill you as long as you dont attack me and dont even try to kill me since i cannot die. this was his last message before he started to haunt the server

a friend of admin said that before his death the server was happy.then they heard that some noob was banned.the sky got gloomy and all sign had words:YOU CANT.everyone and me left the server and admin soon died by getting killed with sword

the server isnt real so you dont waste time finding it and that channel isnt real too

if the page is vandalized report it to nearby admin

created by greenfreddy1