Robert of Hartenstinkher waited quietly for the other to finish. He was in Elysium for saving the Gods from Percy's evil twin Leopold and was currently playing Cards Against Humanity with BehindTheVision. (I told you I would mention you don't worry you won 632.7 to 1.) Robert played the card he didn't want to play, but it was the only good one left. Justin Bieber went to jail for peeing a little. He lost and was frustrated so he quit to go the cook-out BBQ at Liesel's house. It went well, until Drew came up and sued Robert for cancelling their date. Robert ran away.

Robert had to catch his breath. He soon realized that he was now in the Fields of Punishment, so he decided to visit his old friend John Doe. John Doe was in the Fields of Punishment because when someone asked his name he said it, but they thought he was joking so they threw him in the Underworld. John's punishment was that he had to watch Howard the Duck over and over again.