Why hello there! My name is The Pure Unbridled Forces Of Capitalism, but you can call me Yoff Kinepa.

You see here, when Da Sucker was killed, he split into two beings.

Da Old Sucker: His old, good half. Mostly dead.

Da Skelesucker: His other, evil half. Mostly alive.

So anyways, I have bought this Wiki from Da Old Sucker for a smooth $2.5 billion. He decided to sell it because he's old and gray, and now just wants to sleep all day. But now its mine, and now I shall convert it into the most efficient Wiki ever! Profits will be huge!

But first, there are a few pests I need to take care of!

Skeleton, Da Skelesucker, Near_is_god, Q-16, and Q-15 must be enslaved in my WikiFactory!