"Run!" my friend yelled as we attempted to escape the overpowered army chasing us across the server.  It had all started when I had picked one apple ONE APPLE from the ground near one of their trees, and we had been at it for two Minecraft days.  "A cave," I exclaimed, and we both ducked in and sealed the entrance. {edit.ahrk_fod_wahliik_lif.truth}  We saw a light at the bottom of a pit, and being the idiots we are we jumped in.  We landed, with half-a-heart into a library, with oak desks and a spiral staircase leading to who knows where. {edit.fod_koraavnu_gein_alok.truth}  My friend went down the stairs, while I continued to explore the library.  There was nothing of interest in the library so I went down stairs and saw my friend standing in the middle of an empty room, but his skin's colors were opposititized, and everything he said made no sense. {edit.fod_nelom_los_nizah.truth}  I shrugged and dug back up to the surface, and yelled at him to come, but instead he {edit.vahlok_svin.truth}  I ran as fast as I could I couldn't let {edit.fod_fahdon_wahl_vokren.truth}  catch me, he wanted to {edit..null alok.truth} everything! I kept running and running but he was to much and now {edit.rok_fen_kos_lov.truth}