Heius is a Creepypasta, like Herobrine, entity303 and null. You cannot see Heius, but if you pay attention and

listen carefully you can hear him.

The Stories of Heius Edit Edit

One day I was on my Minecraft creating a new world. It was on superflat and was on Creative.

But I came to a Village with NO Villagers. Suddenly I heard a strange sound.

It sounded like a ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!. I decided to go on Survival Default. But strange signs saying

"I AM HEIUS" or " SIXTH DEATH 1" or "DIE!". I then went mining. Suddenly fire came straight at me.

"Then I died". But this wasn't like a Minecraft death. I could see my guts coming out and I Couldnt Respawn!!!!

The second story is about Notch's secret. You see Heius is has powers like crazy! Ill tell you about Notch's secret. Heius was actually a worker at Mojang. He got fired by Markus Persson (Notch) for NO reason. Notch was drunk at the time. He got all crazy and started attacking David Smithson (Now Heius) He deleted Heius from the Mojang site. Heius wanted Revenge! The perfect revenge was to join Herobrine, null and entity303 FOREVER!!!!! He started ruining other players servers. He stole diamonds too. But someone trapped Heius (Possibly Notch) and told him never to go on Minecraft again. But that made things even worse. He became invisible and invincible. Notch made Heius like this. Heius wanted revenge. He became pure evil. And he hates Minecraft very much.