this story is wrote after greenfreddy wrote a journal. this is in 2 parts

hello m8

this is me writing the page

you see im a freddy cousin but we are not in best behavior toward each other

before i became a good noscoper i used to entertain the childen that came to freddy fazbear pizza

but it all changed one day

the pizzeria got closed due of lots of complains of health.all animatronics were left at same night i went to bathroom and found a joint.i decided to try it and soon i looked at mirror i became pale green with pale eyes.i found sunglasses and a sniper and noscoped at plate for noscope practicing,my mlg carrear started after that

one day i sneaked outside to see the outside of buliding for first time(animatronics were not allowed to go outside)

i saw 2 guys being looked by quality control fags,one was hobo.both were sent to cleaning and educating. they saw me and wanted to catch me but i quickly dropped a map that led to quality control HQ.i didnt use it since it was near pizzeria.there were a guards that kicked me out because im dirty.before getting kicked out i heard a girl screaming.i decided to kill the guards by sniper but i went to gym and used rocky music while boxing.

1 day later i got muscles and easily knocked out the guards away.there stood a metal door. as soon i opened it i could not believe my eyes what was there

part 2 coming soon